About me!
I like the Internet! And pretty things. And other stuff.
I was born on Valentine's Day. I live in Bloomington, MN with my boyfriend Jesse. I'm currently the Web & Social Media Manager for Special Olympics Minnesota. I have 3/4 of an MFA in poetry.
I have a lot of interests. These days I'm super into reading, throwing pots, practicing Tarot, and playing Two Dots. I also like to write, nap, and watch movies. Sometimes I like to go out to eat by myself.
Here are thirteen words that I think describe me: Optimistic. Thoughtful. Creative. Funny. Quiet. Introverted. Mellow. Friendly. Honest. Curious. Accommodating. Effusive. Ordinary.

Here is a super nice thing someone said about me!

When I met you for the first time, you were so positive and made me feel like a fun person to be around. You made me feel good about myself! I think that's a special skill or personality trait, being able to build a person up with sincerity. A lot of people withhold positive comments because there's a battle of egos, but when somebody (you) sets that aside, it changes the energy on both ends.
~ Anna T.
Contact me!

Isn't this photo lovely? It's the Isle of Iona, taken during my visit to Scotland in October 2015. If I had a lot of money I'd move to Scotland SO FAST.

Send me a note about how much you love Scotland, or some other equally wonderful place, or whatever else you'd like to chat about!